Lioness and Zebra

About Us

Boys and Giraffe

The collection was created to help raise awareness about climate change, illegal trade, animal extinction, biodiversity and the impact it has on our lives. The animals were painted life size to give an illusion of virtual reality, so people from all walks of life would be able to appreciate the sheer wonder and natural beauty of these creatures in their environment, and realise how vital it is that we conserve nature and the planet.

The collection portrays some of the world's most endangered species and their habitat. The paintings are like a theatrical backdrop some five meters high like the ‘IMAX’ of  wildlife art. 

Through the collection, Art World Conservation challenges our morals and thoughts about the world, the creatures we live with and questions the rules we have to live by.

By working in partnership with other organisations Art World Conservation aims to give those who do not have the opportunity to visit wild places like the Arctic, an African Savannah or a rainforest, the chance to experience them in virtual reality and to learn about the necessity of the ecosystem they support and the impact it has on our lives.

Art World Conservation is hosting a spectacular charity event this summer to educate, inform and inspire people about the natural world, highlighting to a global audience the very real plight and the need to drive change. This is in order to prevent the extinction of some of the world's most endangered and revered species, and address issues around climate change by working in partnership with other organisation and charities.

Animals and plants form an intricate part of several ecosystems, which keeps the world in balance, and these are paramount to the future survival of our children and the natural world.