Seal Wildlife Art

What We Offer

Art World Conservation believes that every individual has a responsibility to preserve our planet.

If you are a company 'Going Green' and working towards a sustainable future, or reducing your Carbon Footprint, which can have a vast impact on tackling climate change, and if you share our core beliefs then please get in touch

Through our collection, we can help you promote a positive public image by:

  • Working in partnership to raise awareness / funding
  • Supporting brand alignment (national and international coverage)
  • Offering merchandising opportunities / limited edition prints
  • Educating schools, raising awareness of ecosystem. 
  • Exhibiting work to private / corporate companies, for event hire
  • Exhibiting in galleries / museums
  • Commissions / private collectors also welcomed
  • All works are for sale; for sale purchase of items or for the collection please contact us, Tel (UK) 07780552021, or email

The artist has previously raised substantial amount of funds for wildlife charities such as:-  WWF, EIA, BFF, IFAW, WildlifeSOS, Helping Rhinos to name a few, by selling his work through auctions.  Further funding raised will also be used for charitable purposes to help save these and other beautiful creatures from extinction. For without them, we not only destroy the joy they bring, but we also destroy the future.