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Earth Day 22 April 2017, March For Science

Posted by artworld on April 21, 2017


Earth Day 22nd April 2017, which originally started back in 1970 in the US and is now celebrated in almost 192 countries across the world.

This year the focus is on environmental and climate literacy. Without education and science we cannot understand the importance of each living organism and what role it plays in keeping the biodiversity in balance, within its ecological community. Those who have studied animal life will have observed that each animal is a 'scientist' of its environment.  Whether they are predator or prey, they seem to have a great deal of knowledge about their counterparts way of life, because it directly affects their survival. 

Animals know about the resources around them, the changes the seasons bring and they adapt accordingly, like the wildebeest migration, they follow the rains in Africa to more lush grasslands or the Snowy owl, which times its breeding season and number of eggs in a clutch, in accordance to the lemming population. We too, all need to realise the saturation point of this planet.  We must all continue to understand what is sustainable and what is not. We are not different from other life forms, we need the same things so we all need to learn about them.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to learn more about what affects the climate and environment and to share that knowledge with others.  The climate is important for the survival of all, so everyone needs to make changes in their way of life to have a positive  impact, but without education  and science this cannot happen.  So please join the march for science near you.

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Happy Earth Day!