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Earth Hour 2017 - March 25 at 8.30 PM

Posted by artworld on March 24, 2017


Earth Hour 25th March (8.30 pm - 9.30 pm in the UK)


Earth Hour is celebrated worldwide annually, when all communities, businesses and individuals come in unison to support climate action, and show that they care for the future of the planet.  Here in the UK people will switch off their lights to symbolically show they have a great concern for protecting our unique planet.

Earth hour was a climate change initiative started by WWF and we should all show our support within the hour and beyond.  As the earth warms up year after year, we can no longer ignore the threat this has to all life on earth.  We must all take responsibility, and take action; if we make  small changes in our day to day lives, together we will make a big impact on healing our planet.

For more information on Earth Hour please visit and support the WWF with this worthy event!  Thank you