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International Polar Bear Day 2017

Posted by artworld on February 27, 2017

Today we are celebrating Polar Bear Day.

The Polar Bear is an apex predator and the largest predator on land, ranging in the Arctic circle.  They have a conservation status of vulnerable and their population numbers are a key gage to monitoring global warming.

They hunt seals living on the ice and need the pack ice to be strong and stable enough to support their body weight. However, global warming is melting the ice, at an alarming rate, which impacts successful hunting for the bears and in turn affects their breeding and long term survival.

You can help curb the speed of global warming by:

-- growing trees or allowing existing trees to flourish and not be cut down
-- recycle as much of your rubbish as possible
-- conserve resources like electricity, water, heating and fuel as they all impact green house gas emissions to be provided to us for our consumption.

This is our World - please help to cherish it.

Happy Polar Bear Day to you all from Art World Conservation!