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World Environmental Day 2016

Posted by admin on June 5, 2016


Today we are celebrating World Environment Day 2016 - Go Wild for Wildlife -Zero Tolerance for the illegal Wildlife trade

The Art World Conservation painting collection is called 'This is our World'  Our hope is that by showing the splendour of this beautiful and enchanting World we will inspire more and more people to get involved for caring for our planet.  We wanted to show every detail, of fur, feather, skin fold, of the animals within the paintings; as if they were there in life so each and every person can create an amazing connection with them, when they view the paintings. We believe if we can build empathy with the natural World, then we will spur more and more people to stand up for its protection.

However, protecting wildlife from illegal trade, is not just because it is magnificent. The wildlife within a habitat serves a very important purpose, it is like the housekeeper for that environment. If you never cleaned your home, what would it become like? Without a doubt it would become an unhealthy place to live. When it comes to illegal wildlife trade, the extinction of a species not only robs us of the precious gifts we have been given, but it also  damages the health of the planet; not to mention how it drives organised crime, which in turn affects our communities and our own personal safety.  This is why there should be zero tolerance for illegal Wildlife trade and we urge you to support charities that fight to stop illegal wildlife trade.  Everything is linked in some way, whether it is us or other animals relying on a tree or a plant or another animal to survive, the truth is we cannot live without the natural World being in balance.

Additionally, in the natural World all habitats are unique to some degree.  In the collection, we have three different types of rainforest, an African rainforest with Mountain Gorillas, an Indonesian rainforest with Sumatran Tiger and Malayan Tapir and a South American rainforest with Harpy Eagle and Sloth. Sadly, all these species of wildlife are endangered and have been the subjects of illegal trade for many years.  However, each of the environments these species live in, are a life support system to variety of different and unique species of flora and fauna and that is why individually they are the jewels in the crown, of this World.


'This is your World' and it is truly the most greatest gift you will ever be given. You must not take it for granted.  If we all learn to care and protect it, then in turn it will care and provide for us, today and for our future generations.